Corporate Internet Banking


This is a complete internet banking suite for large and very large corporates, Government organisations and Institutions. This provides access to multiple users to accounts across various branches. The Corporate availing this facility can give discretionary access to the accounts and discretionary financial rights to their users.


  1. Elaborate user hierarchy with well defined access and transaction rights
  2. There are three types of Corporate role holders- Regulator, Administrator(s) and Users
  3. Single transaction limit of Rs.500 crores for third party, fund transfer and e-tax transaction. No limit on number of transactions per day
  4. Limit of Rs.1 crore for DD issue request. Again no limit on number of transactions per day
  5. Corporate sets its own limits for the above mentioned transactions within the maximum allowed
  6. Corporate can set its own rules or operating instructions for financial transactions such as single or joint authorisation, limits for authorizing transactions by various users etc.
  7. Bulk upload facility for payments of salary, tax, pre paid cards, bills, remittances to intra and interbank beneficiaries etc.
  8. Payments to registered suppliers
  9. Provision for optional roles such as Uploader, Auditor and Approver
  10. Direct debit facility for e-collection
  11. Integration with Corporate systems for end to end automation
  12. Customized MIS
  13. Provision for online trading in currency futures
  14. Provision to apply to IPO through ASBA

Permitted transactions

  1. Fund transfer to own or third party accounts in SBI (Intra bank fund transfer)
  2. Fund transfer to beneficiary accounts in other banks through RTGS/NEFT (Inter Bank fund transfer)
  3. Request for draft issue
  4. Payment to registered suppliers
  5. Statutory payments
  6. Facility to schedule transactions
  7. Top up of Pre paid cards
  8. View and download of DEMAT holding statement
  9. MIS (Reports generation)