Corporate Internet Banking


This is a multi user transactional product meant for small and medium enterprises and organisations who wish to provide discretionary access/ transaction rights to their users. The Administrator of the Corporate creates other corporate users and assigns rights to them for different accounts.


  1. Multiple users can be given access to accounts at a single branch
  2. The users can be given discretionary access and transaction rights by the Administrator
  3. Single transaction not to exceed Rs.50 lakhs. No limit on the number of transactions per day
  4. Bulk upload facility available
  5. MIS (Reports generation)

Permitted transactions

  1. Fund transfer to own or third party accounts in SBI (Intra bank fund transfer)
  2. Fund transfer to beneficiary accounts in other banks through RTGS/NEFT (Inter Bank fund transfer)
  3. Request for draft issue
  4. Payment to registered suppliers
  5. Statutory payments
  6. Facility to schedule transactions
  7. Top up of Pre paid cards
  8. View and download of DEMAT holding statement