How do I register for yono BUSINESS

Single User - Other Corporates

This type of onboarding is suitable for small firms or institutions who prefer single user operated accounts with following features:

  • Access rights to be chosen as
    • Enquiry Only (Transaction rights are disabled)
    • Enquiry and Transaction (Transaction rights are enabled)
  • User Activation can be done only by visit to Branch
  • Transaction limit applicable to Single User are as listed below:
# Type of Transaction Transaction limit per day (Rs)
1 Fund Transfer to own accounts in same branch of SBI 2 Crore
2 Fund Transfer to own accounts in different branches of SBI
3 Fund Transfer to accounts other than own accounts in SBI Consolidated limit of Rs.10 Lacs per day
4 Fund Transfer to accounts in other Banks (through RTGS/NEFT)
5 Merchant Payments
6 Request for Draft issue Consolidated limit of Rs.5 Lacs per day
7 Bill payments
8 Tax Payments-Central and State Governments Consolidated limit of Rs.2 Crores per day
9 Payments to Govt. and semi-Govt. institutions
10 Statutory dues such as EPF
11 Payment to registered suppliers 25.00 Lacs
12 State Bank Collect payments 10.00 Lacs
13 Participation in e-auctions of Govt. Departments 1.00 Crore
  • Open a browser and enter the following in url
  • You are displayed a screen as below.
  • Click on "New Corporate Registration"
Apply Now
  • You are displayed a screen for New Corporate Registration.
  • Choose yono BUSINESS New
Pop Up
  • You are displayed a page to summarize the Online Registration process in yono Business.
  • You may click on the button "NEW REGISTRATION" to proceed further
Apply Now
  • The screen displayed allows you to choose corporate category as Single User or Multiple User.
  • Click on "Read more" of Single User to view details of this option
Single User Read more
  • Click on "Read more" of Multiple User to view details of this option
  • Click on "PROCEED" button of Single User to continue Corporate Registration with Single User.
Multiple User Read more
  • A screen will be displayed to input account number to authenticate corporate details. Input account number and click on "Validate" hyperlink.
Single User
  • On Click on Validate hyperlink, PROCEED button will be enabled.
  • Click on "PROCEED" button.
  • A screen will be displayed to input mobile number for OTP authentication.
  • Input mobile number and click on "Send OTP".
  • A screen will be displayed to input OTP. After entering OTP, click on "PROCEED" button.
profile page
  • A screen will be displayed to capture corporate details. Enter the Name of Organization, PAN, CAPTCHA and click on "PROCEED" button.
  • A screen will be displayed to choose the product:
    • Enquiry Only
    • Enquiry and Transactions
  • For more details, click on "Read More".
  • Click on "PROCEED" button for the chosen product.
  • A screen will be displayed to capture Full Access User details. Input data for Name, PAN, Mobile Number, Re-enter Mobile Number, Email ID, Address1, Address2, City, State, Country, Pincode and then click on "PROCEED" button.
user password
  • A Preview page is displayed to verify all details captured for the entire process.
user register message
  • Click on "Terms and Conditions" hyperlink, if you wish to verify clauses for availing the selected product. Close the Terms and Conditions window.
online sbi
  • Select the checkbox to accept "Terms and Conditions".
  • Once the details have been verified in the Preview page, click on "SUBMIT" button.
online sbi
  • Download and print the Omnibus Document. Or alternatively send to your email id to download and print from some other location. Submit the form at the branch.
online sbi