How do I register for yono BUSINESS

Single User - Sole-Proprietor

This type of onboarding is suitable for corporates who prefer Single User with following features:

  • Access rights to be chosen as one of:
    • Enquiry Only (Transaction rights are disabled)
    • Enquiry and Transaction (Transaction rights are enabled)
  • User Activation can be done by either of
    • Debit Card Authentication
    • Branch Activation
  • Transaction limit applicable to Single User are as listed below:
# Type of Transaction Transaction limit per day (Rs)
1 Fund Transfer to own accounts in same branch of SBI 2 Crore
2 Fund Transfer to own accounts in different branches of SBI
3 Fund Transfer to accounts other than own accounts in SBI Consolidated limit of Rs.10 Lacs per day
4 Fund Transfer to accounts in other Banks (through RTGS/NEFT)
5 Merchant Payments
6 Request for Draft issue Consolidated limit of Rs.5 Lacs per day
7 Bill payments
8 Tax Payments-Central and State Governments Consolidated limit of Rs.2 Crores per day
9 Payments to Govt. and semi-Govt. institutions
10 Statutory dues such as EPF
11 Payment to registered suppliers 25.00 Lacs
12 State Bank Collect payments 10.00 Lacs
13 Participation in e-auctions of Govt. Departments 1.00 Crore
  • Open a browser and enter the following in url
  • You are displayed a screen as below.
  • Click on "New Corporate Registration"
Apply Now
  • You are displayed a screen for New Corporate Registration.
  • Choose yono BUSINESS New
Pop Up
  • You are displayed a page to summarize the Online Registration process in yono Business.
  • You may click on the button "NEW REGISTRATION" to proceed further
Apply Now
  • The screen displayed allows you to choose corporate category as Single User or Multiple User.
  • Click on "Read more" of Single User to view details of this option
Single User Read more
  • Click on "Read more" of Multiple User to view details of this option
Multiple User Read more
  • Click on "PROCEED" button of Single User to continue Corporate Registration with Single User.
  • A screen will be displayed to input account number to authenticate corporate details.
  • Input account number and click on "Validate" hyperlink.
Single User
  • On Click on "Validate" hyperlink, PROCEED button will be enabled.
  • Click on "PROCEED" button.
  • Based on the account number entered, system will identify the corporate as "Sole Proprietor" and send OTP to the account holder's registered mobile number. A screen will be displayed to input OTP. After entering OTP, click on "PROCEED" button.
  • A screen will be displayed to capture corporate details. Enter the Name of Organization, PAN, CAPTCHA and click on "PROCEED" button.
profile page
  • A screen will be displayed to capture User details with account number pre-filled and un-editable. Input data for Name, PAN, Email ID, Address1, Address2, City, State, Country, Pincode, Service (Enquiry or Enquiry and Transaction).
  • Click on "PROCEED" button.
  • Account Activation page is displayed to choose between:
    • Activation to be done through SBI Corporate Debit Card or
    • Visit Branch for Account Activation.
user password
  • Option A: Click on "PROCEED" Button for activation through SBI Corporate Debit Card.
  • Step A1) System displays list of active debit card. Select one of them and click on "CONFIRM" button.
user register message
  • Step A2) Debit card validation page is displayed. Input Debit card details, Captcha and click on "PROCEED" button.
online sbi
  • Step A3) Success message is displayed with a hyperlink to set user credentials.
online sbi
  • Step A4) A page to set User ID is displayed. Input User Id and click on "Check Availability" hyperlink.
online sbi
  • Step A5) A same page allows user to set login password once User Id is validated.
  • Input Login password, Confirm Password and click on "PROCEED" button.
online sbi
  • Step A6) Success message is displayed with reference number with a hyperlink to login.
online sbi
  • Option B: Click on "PROCEED" Button to Visit Branch for Account Activation.
  • Step B1) A Preview page is displayed to verify all details captured for the entire process.
online sbi
  • Step B2) Click on "Terms and Conditions" hyperlink, if you wish to verify clauses for availing the selected product. Close the Terms and Conditions window.
online sbi
  • Step B3) Select the checkbox to accept "Terms and Conditions".
  • Once the details have been verified in the Preview page, click on "SUBMIT" button.
online sbi
  • Step B4) Download and print the Omnibus Document. Or alternatively send to your email id to download and print from some other location. Submit the form at the branch.
online sbi